Proud Fools

by KHAN!

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A bunch of rock songs about waiting for the end of things. Recorded in Glendale, NY


released August 18, 2013

music & lyrics written, performed and produced by Mallon Khan © 2012-2013



all rights reserved


KHAN! New York, New York

Mallon Khan

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Track Name: Peroxide Halo
Distorted receptors, peroxide halo
black soulless windows, abandoned vessel
automatic mania, induced by the cream
what a waste of a sister, no one shits clean
proportional face, on a walking disgrace
Shame to your kind, for a waste of a mind
You don't fool me, I don't care to see
All the bile drooling out your lips reeks
of fabrication without conviction
I think the bleach has seeped into your brain hun
They gave you the keys, your legs gave out
commanding armies, to follow you round
You keep it tight, though you play it loose
look theres a mirror, get lost in you
Track Name: $
It suits a man to toil,
to gain his bread and prosper.
To cheat the games of nature,
is to trust in ground that falters.

You'll be eternally ripped apart for your black heart.

Dollar signs in your eyes
It's no wonder you can't see straight
You slap the market, ride the wave,
no matter who gets fucked in the undertow oh no no

Behind the pillars is the gold
all the rest are left in the cold
Holy houses, behind the pillars is the gold
Are you blinded by the light?
Arise! We were meant to earn this.
Track Name: Zombies
Rain, come put the fire out, yeah
It's burning too long
Hold tight to your things, yeah
When the flood come
We'll see who sink or swim

It won't be long

Run from the back of the herd
Oh but there is no forward
drift along corporeal seas
Dead eyes leading dead bodies
Track Name: Snakes Cometh
Show me signs. Make me blind.
Wanted LOVE got a war.
Laissez faire without a care.
Politicking. Turkey dinner.
Fall asleep, wake up never.
Pie-fucking celluloid.
Fake butter hyper-real news.
Lips inflated with the deadly spit of snakes.

I think I'm in too deep now.
Yeah, need to turn the sound way down.
Feel them slithering around.
The snakes are coming.

Homemade versions of a viral copy of some tome forgotten for so long they can't remember freedom lost replaced by a leash to keep the children in line.

They cometh.
Track Name: Ruined
Swing low, save me
though I deserve this
Their eyes cut deep
so I am useless

Deaf, dumb, indifferent
Blind, numb and listless
I'm ruined

Shadows greet me, hollow scenery
So now end this 'cause I am useless
Track Name: Thieves
Wolves bay, moon delights
Cowards are hidden and thieves do dine
Aging serenade, asleep while the devil's at play

Ride now, tide is out
Demons are lurking and fire's about
Son you may not come home
Time is a river and you are a stone

Living in a pretty prison, that's the mission, pure submission