by KHAN!

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released June 12, 2012

All music & lyrics written, performed, and produced by Mallon Khan in Queens, New York from 2009-2011

Mastered by Michal Olownia in 2016



all rights reserved


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KHAN! New York, New York

Mallon Khan

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Track Name: Rex

Where were you?
I called and prayed
Til I was blue
Where were you?

Messages they said you left
I want to hear it from your lips
Rex, my lord so tremendous is her roar
It filters through

Today I come to meet you
No gates, no harps, only silence
And the dark, oh the dark

Where were you? Oh Rex
Track Name: Black Blood
Coalescence of ailments in a violent collision
Could it manifest forty days of rain?
Poisoned by drinking her blood
and drown in her nourishing flood

Don't say you didn't see this coming
you consumed, you soaked up this doom
The bull, the bear, charging, the wealth
was a room full of nothing
The unprepared perpetually scared
The love misdirect from brother to paper
from lover to fame, fortune to shame

So fire the guns, push forward
Grow, bloat this ego
Distribute the death, spread the wealth
Call it progress
Black Blood in the viens of this broken body
My addiction, look how it serves me

I am one with my love now
so drink me children
Track Name: $
It suits a man to toil, to gain his bread and prosper
To cheat the games of nature.
Is to trust in ground that falters.

You'll be eternally ripped apart for your black heart

Dollar signs in your eyes it's no wonder you can't see straight
you slap the market ride the wave no matter who gets fucked in the undertow
Behind the pillars is the gold.
Holy houses. Behind the pillars is the gold
are you blinded by the light? arise
we were meant to earn this.
Track Name: The Hundreth
In their minds they thought they knew better
oh the lies they tried to sell us
Good intentions always pave the path
that's littered with the dead

99 wait for the one to come around
99 wait until the hundredth awakes

So these few wide-eyed monkeys creep
The herd still fast asleep while shepherds and wolves count sheep
Soon a trigger will spark a light and they all will see
Track Name: Bear & Bull
No more yield the floor to the gentlemen
No confusion
We've exposed these stained robes
They pose no solution
Melodies of revolution,
they're spreading in waves
When they break upon the shores of my kingdom

I'll bring it to the slaves

While the Bear and Bull sing
"let the wolves in"

Let the the wolves in
'cause it's feeding-time, all the time
making love to this sweet succubus
Suck the sagging teet of this dying beast
Even if the milk is souring

We've got some easing for ya babe
We'll ease it in, we'll ease it on in
While the Bear and Bull film
Track Name: Conspiracy!
Fool me once, shame. Fool me again, I'm to blame.
I'm not lonely or insane. Conspiracy is real.

Liar liar, lone gunman in Dallas, yeah
Jet fuel fires? Demolitions look like this.
conspiracy is real. Greys in the wheat fields.

Blood for your black gold. War of worlds for control
I'm not crazy, I'm fucking angry.
Cause you lied to me, talked down to me.
I'm not cynical. I am logical.
Track Name: Castaways
Lover save me, please stay with me
I've gone overboard and I'm drifting
They come quickly, kiss and kill me
I couldn't take it no more so are you with me?

The water is so warm, it's not far to the shore
dive in, swim with me we'll be castaways watching the ship go down

and yes maybe, I'm just crazy but isn't that why you love me
so come on baby

the water is so warm it's not far to the shore dive in swim with me we'll be castaways watching the ship go down.

swim with me
Track Name: Strange Life
There's a ghost in the totem
There's an altar boy bound in a basement in Rome
There's a brain been stolen
Three bullets in the skull of the man who cracked the code
There are cowards and villains
There are flies on the walls in the bathrooms at TaJ Mahal
Loving faith and devotion,
That blissful reverie before the slaughter come

Got a fifth and a motion
Got a pack of playing cards and a syllabary notion
A full set alphabet, alpha set to dominate the rest
sycophant shit the bed
There's a shock, there's infection
There's blood running down your dead sister's ghost face
Leave a note for the owner
I'm not sorry I burned your effigy to the ground

This is the strangest life I have ever lived.

Since the dusk of prevention
Sick cilium run run with the sugar high
Still we fall for the slogan
Put a face you wanna fuck on the box and we'll buy
glitter paper bag wear it now go to bed
keep left stay straight kill your maid eat your pets
Another goat for the offering
We dance in the street running naked in the sunset