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After my band Blackhorse broke up in the fall of 2005. I wrote a few songs on my own. I wanted to experiment with a fusion of rock, acoustic bossa nova and electronica.


released June 6, 2006

Guitar, bass, drums, programming, keyboards, and vocals - Mallon Khan
Recorded in Glendale and Elmhurst NY.



all rights reserved


KHAN! New York, New York

Mallon Khan

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Track Name: Human Zoo
I heard a story about what we'd accomplished
Funny, I don't recall ever being there
Something about a favor for me but I swear I never met the guy
Save me from the party
I want to go home now
I'm drunk on whine, the room is spinning
I want to go home now

Hey is that the new list, send it over here am I on it?
No not yet.
Searching for a well-lived life of playing games at the zoo
Human see, human do

I've been in love with the memory of a feeling
Even while awake I'm still dreaming
Oh take me back, take me back
Track Name: Another Ghost
There's that voice again trying to tell me the sky is falling
It's just the echo of someone long gone but lingering
And now you're infected. Owner of another liar's secret

Oh no another ghost, oh no another demon

Born one, die two see time staring back at you
So here when she's not you're never really alone
Whisper to me in my dreams Never ever get to sleep
Track Name: Castaway
Lover save me. Please stay with me.
I've gone overboard and I'm drifting.
They come quickly. Kiss and kill me.
I couldn't take no more so are you with me?

The water is so warm. It's not far from the shore.
Dive in. Swim with me. We'll be Castaways
watching the ship go down.

And yes maybe. I'm just crazy.
Isn't that why you love me.
So come on, baby

The water is so warm. It's not far from the shore.
Dive in. Swim with me. We'll be Castaways
watching the ship go down.

Swim with me.
Track Name: Misery Is Contagious
Lunatics in the street, what do you want from me
Talking to walls is a waste of air
you're bringing me down with your despair

Leave my mind alone I haven't lost it yet.
Get your teeth off my neck misery is contagious

Vamperic zombies in the culture of the vulture
You bring me down, you bring me down
Go now, watch TV 'til the pain is over